RTO Group was founded 25 years ago in 1996, Moscow, Russia and was well-known from the beginning as the manufacturer of RTO counted cross-stitch kits.

RTO was the first Russian needlework company entered the International craft market by opening an International Office - RTO Baltic in Tallinn, Estonia (EU) in 2005.

RTO is the successor of Collection D’Art from 2009, brings access to additional resources including intellectual property, supply chain, design team and a world class service organization.

Well-known and famous brand Collection D’Art has been established 45 years ago by Greek Kessetzis Family. The history of the brand always been linked to the passionate work of Family’s really loving and enjoying the creation of the brand which we have now. Exceptional designs, selected quality tapestry and hard work made the brand accepted worldwide.

Collection D’Art and RTO brands have strong back up of design team and new technologies in printing and applied engineering which let us proudly continue the success of brand’s development.

Today Collection D’Art and RTO products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. About 100 employees of European and Russian offices are working with enthusiasm and love every day to make such beautiful designs and ensure the really high quality standards.

Now we have in our range different types of products and more than 3000 designs:

  • Counted Cross-stitch kits
  • Printed Needlepoint/Tapestry canvas
  • Printed Needlepoint/Tapestry kits
  • Printed Cross-Stitch Cushions kits
  • Printed Cross-Stitch Aida
  • Diamond Embroidery Painting kits
  • Diamond Painting Craft kits
  • Needlework accessories

Our vision and the main goal are to create best-in-class solutions for craft markets using our main tuned approach. Therefore we are constantly expanding our designs ranges and following the customers’ needs.

And here is our present for you:



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RTO & Collection D’Art team