Dear Customers,
We are excited to announce the arrival of our new beautiful Christmas collection of Diamond Embroidery Kits!
ALL of them are available for online ordering now!

Dear Customers,
We are delighted to announce that new Collection D’Art digital Catalogue covering our whole CdA product range is now available!

Dear Customers,
We are excited to share another great news that RTO Buratini plywood forms for decoration
are available for online ordering through our Collection D'Art online shop.

Dear Customers,
We would like to inform you that our new super-light FLOSS ORGANIZER by Collection D’Art is now available in the online shop.

Dear Customers,
Please follow the link to see that beautiful RTO Vintage accessories are also available for online ordering.

Dear Customers,
Here we are again with a good news that RTO pre-cut needlework AIDA fabrics can be also purchased via our Collection D’Art ONLINE SHOP.

Dear Customers,
We are happy to announce that more products can now be ordered using our online shop for distributors.

Dear Customers!
RTO products uploading works are being carried out on our website.

Considering latest developments and facts we would like to share with the market of an
inappropriate business approach of company INTERLITHO LICENSING Gmbh.

Criminal case 8690/2015 against previous management legal grounds clarification.

Civil case 1383/2015 against previous management status update - ongoing

Letter informational CPCollection D'ART


After long time of legal proceedings Criminal Court of Limassol has taken its decision with issuance of a warrant arrest.
Attached the status update of Criminal case.

Notification,  We would like to inform about our following legal success with renaming of illegally registered company Collection D’Art Tapestry CDA Ltd.  New name of that company is NEEDLEART WORLD Ltd which is still in counterfeit/infringing loop of our rights and Intellectual Property.

Please note that our company and our brand “CdA” are NOT anyhow related to printing house GRAFITEC Mon I.K.E. (“SERITECH”) entity from Greece.

Please note that our company C.P. Collection D’Art Ltd and its brand “CdA” are NOT anyhow related to recently registered in Cyprus entity “COLLECTION D'ART TAPESTRY CDA Ltd“ with its director Mr. Loizos Nicolaou (former accountant of C.P. Collection D’Art Ltd.).

Management change: Board of Directors has decided to dismiss Mr. Dionysios Papaioannou (Dennis Papas or Dennis Papaioannou) and Mrs. Catherine Barzyk from all positions within a company and initiate a multiple frauds investigation…

We would like to share with you our good news - as of 1st December 2014, we would like to announce that our company with its brand “Collection D’Art” (CdA) become a part of RTO Group…